Si8000m interface module enables 3rd party software to use the Si8000m for impedance field solving

Si8000m Interface Module ľ OEM access to the powerful Si8000m boundary element field solver

OEMs wishing to access Si8000m via the interface module please contact:

Martyn Gaudion

Partners include:

Cimnet Systems

Frontline PCB Solutions

Coated microstrip

Differential stripline

Package includes detailed structure pictures

Si8000m Interface module includes*:
16 x Single ended structures
27 x Differential structures
36 x Single ended coplanar structure module
36 x Differential coplanar structure module

* Availability of these structures depends on individual OEM implementation

What's New?

Resin rich dielectric areas*
Impedance Goal seeking*
Model multiple dielectric PCBs*
Up to 36 Single ended coplanar structures*
Up to 36 Differential coplanar structures*
(*Implementation may vary depending on 3rd party partner product specification)

Si8000m interface module

Industry standard field solvers
Delivers results to match Si8000m
For professional system integrators
Single ended and differential
Calculate the effect of resin rich areas
Enhanced soldermask models

Si8000m Interface moduleá

TheSi8000m Interface moduleáis designed for system integrators who need an industry standard controlled impedance solution.

The Si8000m Interface moduleádelivers accurate controlled impedance values over a range of popular controlled impedance structures and geometries. Values calculated with theáSi8000m interface module are guaranteed to be identical to those produced from the Si8000m with traditional user interface.

Field solving Impedance design system

The Si8000m Interface Module affords access to the powerful Si8000m boundary element field solver, packaged to provide accurate modeling of most popular impedance controlled structures.

With the ever increasing speeds of modern circuitry the demand for high quality controlled impedance printed circuit boards is continuing to grow. Today's PCBs are not just simple electrical interconnection devices, they are complex highly specified components in their own right. As the demand for controlled impedance PCBs has risen there has been a subsequent increase in requirement to verify these board designs prior to manufacture.

Differential Impedance PCB Structures
Single Ended Impedance Modeling
Microstrip and Stripline Constructions
All new field solvers employ Boundary Element Method BEM
Model soldermask thickness between and adjacent to tracks

The Si8000m field solving impedance design system offers advanced field solving methods to model most circuit designs and is totally complementary to the CITS800s and RITS520a manual and automatic Controlled Impedance Test Systems. CITS measurement systems have been in use with leading PCB manufactures throughout the world since 1991 and Polar is recognised as a world leader in production line impedance testing. Polar's innovative product portfolio includes the Toneohm 950 short circuit locator which is able to pinpoint the physical location of shorts between maximum copper layers.

Si8000m Interface Module – replaces the Si8000 OEM CE (Calculator engine)

Many OEM customers require access to the Si8000m and direct access to the Polar field solvers. The Si8000m interface module replaces the previous calculator engine interface by linking to the Si8000m. The interface module requires that a user has a fully installed Si8000m with active PolarCare. Suitable OEM packages are then able to access the Si8000m engine via the interface module. The Si8000m and interface module are both available from your Polar office or distributor.

Polar Field solver Customers include:

  • Agilent
  • APW
  • Cisco Systems
  • Cirexx
  • Dell
  • Graphic
  • General Dynamics
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Hitachi
  • Honeywell
  • Lockheed Martin
  • LSI Logic
  • Micron
  • NASA
  • Raytheon
  • Ruwel
  • Siemens
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Taiko Kogyo
  • Viasystems
  • WUS


Please take a look at the controlled impedance application note pages – you will gain maximum benefit from your Si8000m if you read these supporting notes. These brief articles help you translate the precision output of the field solvers into practical real world PCBs with good production yields. Ask us about support packages for your Si8000m.

Frontline PCB Solutions Inplan versions

Si8000 Interface Module for Frontline InPlan / InStack v5.0 and above.