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Fast repeatable PCB reliability test

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As a PCB fabricator or OEM , you are almost certainly aware of the need to produce reliable product. But with all the new materials and processes being introduced, how do you demonstrate or verify PCB reliability?


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Failure analysis Precise failure analysis

If your testing requirements do not justify investment in physical test systems PWB Corp can offer reliability test services as an economic alternative.

IST - TH is an innovative and proven PCB reliability test system. IST relies on a patented coupon design. Coupons are specially designed with inbuilt heater and test traces, the coupon takes into account the areas of the actual board under test which are most susceptible to early failure. The benefits of adopting IST for reliability test are savings of time and increased ability to analyze the PCB at the point of failure. All this is delivered in an economic, environmentally sound way with significant economies over traditional oven or Liquid / liquid shock methods.

Reliability test made easy

Faster than oven based testing

Results in days not weeks

Environment friendly CFC free testing

Customer conformance reports

Automatic datalogging

The definitive solution for PCB reliability test

Comprehensive studies have proven IST to be a viable cost effective alternative to oven based testing.  Whether you are a PCB fabricator, an OEM or a chemical or materials supplier, IST test can give you fast unequivocal results regarding your PCB reliability.

IST and lead free

The most challenging experience for a PCB is the survival of the assembly process. Double sided reflow and a small amount of rework is undoubtedly the toughest environment that most PCBs ever encounter in their service life.  Add to this the higher temperatures encountered as boards transition to lead free and it becomes essential that you know that boards will survive assembly.  Assembly simulation is just one way that IST can help you understand if your product is suitable for the challenge of lead free.

IST Customers include

  • Alcatel
  • Circatex
  • Cisco systems
  • Cray
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Ibiden
  • IBM


  • Lockheed Martin
  • Shipley
  • Sun
  • US Navy
  • Wus
  • Yamamoto

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