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CGen PCB – Impedance coupon generator/ CGen Si – Insertion loss coupon generator

CGen Coupon Generator reduces the time-consuming process of creating impedance coupons manually to just a few minutes, adding powerful new features that give coupon generation new levels of control and flexibility.

CGen PCB Coupon Generator is an automatic impedance coupon generator that allows you to create a controlled impedance test coupon from scratch or import finished stacks from Speedstack PCB and Speedstack Si or structures from the Polar Si8000 and Si9000 field solvers.

CGen Si incorporates all the features of CGen PCB and adds insertion loss coupon capability. Please note designs for insertion loss coupons need to be fine tuned to OEM requirements and final adjustment of launch and via structures may still be required. If in any doubt – please check with your design authority.

How will CGen benefit you?

Computer aided impedance and insertion loss coupon generation

CGen provides a clear and intuitive step by step process for creating your coupon; you simply choose the number of layers, specify board symmetry, identify each layer type and then add impedance structures as required:

New coupon

CGen Stackup

Add structure


Choose the coupon style - the coupon is displayed interactively in the Coupon View pane


The Ruler Tool

Using the Ruler Tool you can check the dimensions and pitches of various elements of the coupon.


Importing stackups from Speedstack

Ideally CGen Coupon Generator can also take impedance controlled stackup information directly from Speedstack PCB or Speedstack Si.

Speedstack Import

CGen generates the appropriate impedance/insertion loss test coupon containing all the required PCB controlled impedance transmission line structures, reducing what is normally a time consuming process to minutes. 

Importing structures from the Si8000m or Si9000e

CGen is fully compatible with the industry standard Polar Si8000m controlled impedance field solver and the Si9000e frequency dependent, lossy line GHz field solver.

Si9000 import

Simply copy and import your finalized structure from Si8000 / Si9000 to add the structure to the selected layer.

Replacing scripted coupon generation

CGen replaces time consuming manual or scripted coupon creation with a simple four-stage process:

  • Import or create coupon layer stackup and impedance structure
  • Select coupon and impedance test probe
  • Edit and preview changes in real-time
  • Export Gerber and drill files

Power users familiar with scripting can also import third party XML stack files

Reducing errors in coupon generation

In addition to being time consuming, manual coupon generation may be prone to errors, especially where complex structures are involved, and even if you use a scripted solution, not all scripted routes to coupon generation create the more complex coplanar strip or waveguide structure types.

Probe connection

One of the most critical areas of coupon design is matching the test probe to the coupon interconnect. CGen Coupon Generator allows you to pick from a list of the industry's most frequently used IP probes for CITS impedance test systems. The interconnect for the chosen probe is then automatically engineered into the artwork.


How do I use the Coupon Generator?

CGen includes powerful time-saving features

  • Choice of single-ended and differential-loss coupon styles
  • Choice of test probe footprints
  • Easily add, remove or replace layers
  • Preview edits in real-time
  • Track changes and highlight errors
  • Dynamically adjust copper thieving
  • Automatically engineer test probe interconnects

Create your impedance controlled stackup in CGen itself

Using CGen you can create your coupon from scratch, defining symmetry, the number of layers and layer type and then adding impedance structures as required.:

Import finished stacks from Speedstack

Export your completed stack from Speedstack and import into CGen, choose your probe, and generate your preferred coupon style. CGen Coupon Generator will then create RS274X and a drill file for export.

Import your finished structure from the Si8000 / Si9000

From within the Si8000m / Si9000e copy the finalized structure into CGen onto the selected layer; you can then manually enter line widths into the structure. Power users familiar with scripting can also import XML data directly.

CGen Coupon Generator options

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Please contact your local sales office for further information on CGen Coupon Generator.

System requirements

For PC system requirements for CGen see AP605