Speedstack Si – lossy line field solver and PCB stackup design tool

Speedstack PCB

 Speedstack Si – Si9000e lossy line field solver & Speedstack PCB stackup design

Speedstack Si PCB stackup design tool is a packaged combination of the Si9000 field solving PCB Transmission Line Design System and Speedstack professional PCB Stackup Design software. If you need both powerful and accurate field solvers to predict your printed circuit board performance and layer stackup / buildup documentation the Speedstack Si offers a considerable saving over purchasing separate licences.

For flex-rigid and HDI stackups – also see Speedstack Flex and Speedstack HDI

IPC Apex – Rick Hartley interviews Polar's Martyn Gaudion

High-speed design consultant Rick Hartley interviews Polar Instruments' Martyn Gaudion at IPC Apex on the subject of Managing PCB layer stackup across the supply chain using Speedstack.

Click here to watch the interview

Speedstack Si is ideal for you if:

  • You need to calculate impedance requirements and model loss on multilayer boards with multiple controlled impedance structures per stack.

  • You need to extract engineering information to drive simulation software prior to committing a design into production.

  • You need to experiment with differing stack up approaches – for example, you can substitute material because of a shortage and rapidly check the new overall height, line width and transmission line impedance values. By employing the link between the Si9000e transmission line design system and Speedstack software you can recalculate all the impedance values in a single pass in a fraction of the time taken traditionally.  

  • You need to alter line widths and rapidly communicate the new build information electronically.

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Speedstack Si includes Speedstack and Si9000e

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