Installing local language packs for Polar software
Application Note AP600 

Installing local language packs for Si8000m, Si9000e, Speedstack and CGen

Polar's software products are available to PolarCare customers in a number of localised editions.

To obtain a language pack for your product contact with your product details and PolarCare Agreement number.

Note: When selecting languages it is important to have the relevant language packs installed within your Windows system.  This is especially important for East Asian languages, where it is also necessary to ensure that the Control Panel|Regional Settings are set appropriately.

Si8000m/Si9000e language pack installation

1.  Download the Si8000m/Si9000e language translation DLL file from the supplied link

2.  Locate the Si8000/Si9000 language folder, by default:

  • Si8000m C:\Program Files\Polar\Si8000\Lang

  • Si9000e C:\Program Files\Polar\Si9000\Lang

3. Save the DLL file into the language folder 

4. Start Si8000m/Si9000e and from the Configure menu select Language Settings

5. Choose the appropriate language DLL and select Apply to confirm

6. The program will request that you restart the software to apply the change.

Speedstack language pack installation

Locate the Speedstack application installation folder, (typically):

C:\Program Files\Polar\Speedstack\ Extract the language pack directly into this folder. 

Select your preferred language by using the Tools | Language option.

If necessary, restart Speedstack.

CGen Coupon Generator  language pack installation

Locate the CGen Coupon Generator application installation folder, (typically):

C:\Program Files\Polar\CGen\ Extract the language pack directly into this folder. 

Note: Each language pack zip file contains the language .dlls including a specific language folder name that is recognised by the application. These should not be changed, otherwise the application will ignore them.

Although the application defaults to English if no languages are available, it is recommended that the English language pack is installed to ensure that it is presented as an option when needed.