Installing the Polar Atlas and TekVISA connectivity software
Application Note AP613 

Downloading and installing the software

Download the Atlas installer from the Polar supplied link and save in a suitable location on the host PC. Backing up the Atlas software to a safe location is recommended.

The installer contains the Atlas software, the MATLAB runtime MCRInstaller. It will be necessary to download and install the TekVISA connectivity software for communication with a Tektronix DSA8300 Digital signal Analyzer.

Installing Atlas

On the host PC, double click the Atlas installer and follow the instructions to install the Atlas software.

Installing the MATLAB runtime

Navigate to the install directory for the Polar Atlas and double click MCRInstaller.exe to install the MATLAB runtime.

VISA connectivity software

Atlas acquires data from the Tektronix DSA8300 with 80E04 plug-in using the TekVISA connectivity software — an industry-standard communication protocol. VISA must be installed and running on the DSA8300 and the host PC in order to communicate data and applications between the instrument and the PC. VISA provides network access to the DSA8300 by including VXI-11 client and server software components. The VXI-11 LAN Server is installed on the DSA8300 as part of the VISA software installation. The VXI-11 LAN Client is included as a VISA instrument resource type on the client/host PC with VISA software installed.

Installing TekVISA

To install the TekVISA connectivity software, download from the Tektronix TekVISA site, run the installer and follow the on screen instructions. It will be necessary to reboot the host computer to complete the TekVISA software installation.

Starting the VXI-11 Server

Start the VXI-11 Server on the DSA8300. Locate the blue and gray icon in Windows Desktop taskbar (lower right-hand corner). If the icon has a red circle with a slash through it, then right click on the Icon, and select Start VXI-11 Server.

(NOTE. To start VXI-11 Server automatically next time the DSA8300 is powered on, run the Server software as administrator, select Server Properties, and check Start server automatically at system power up.)

Atlas – DSA8300 communication

The Atlas – TekVISA – DSA8300 system communicates via Windows networking using TCP/IP over Ethernet and can be set up using the standard Windows networking dialogs. Network settings (IP addresses, subnet masks, workgroup names, etc.) are normally assigned to the controlling PC and Tek TDR under the supervision of the company/workshop network administrator.

Atlas and the Tektronix DSA8300 Digital Signal Analyser can be configured for direct connection or included in a TCP/IP network.Refer to the following links for more details.

Direct connection setup for Atlas and the DSA8300

Network setup for Atlas and the DSA8300