View equipotential lines with the EPD100 PCB track equipotential viewer - 2014 edition

Educational tool displays equipotential lines around PCB transmission lines

This free educational utility is a 2d boundary element method field solver. It allows you to view the equipotential lines around a transmission line.  By seeing where the lines are densest you can view the areas of strongest field and better understand which areas of a structure have a greater effect on impedance.

Display equipotentials
Vary geometry - see the effect
Change Er / Dk
Display Odd / Even mode
For education & presentations
Now supports full screen view

The EPD100 can plot equipotentials on both single ended microstrips and edge-coupled surface microstrips. 

Visualize track equipotential (below)

Microstrip equipotential contours
Single ended

Odd mode equipotential
Differential (odd mode)

The equipotential on the edge-coupled lines may be plotted when the lines are driven in both odd mode and even mode (more on odd and even mode.)

(If you need to calculate PCB Impedance, please look at the Si8000m and Si9000 controlled impedance design pages)

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